A slice of history

In the seventies, RichesMonts cheese makers decided to launch the concept of Raclette in France and to offer for the very first time this cheesy meal to French households. The concept is very simple: to scrape warm cheese (heated thanks to a raclette machine) into a plate filled with different ingredients: potatoes, vegetables, meats, etc.
French people first discovered the concept in restaurants and it soon became an inescapable of every ski trip. Later, the Raclette dinners were democratized thanks to smaller and less expensive machine that every household could own. The famous “Raclette Parties” were born.
Over the years, RichesMonts has become an indisputable leader in France, gathering generations of friends and families around the table to share their delicious Raclette or Fondue cheeses. RichesMonts cheeses are ripened for 8 to 10 weeks to make sure you and your guests share an unforgettable Raclette Party.

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