A slice of history

In 1975, in the heart of Normandy in France, the Condé sur Sarthe’s cheese factory manager, Jean Verrier, gave birth to the first Camembert Le Rustique.
He was inspired by the Norman “savoir-faire” to create this unique recipe whose trade secrets have been kept for years: a bold taste and a creamy texture. To ensure an optimal ripening of the cheeses, they are packaged in a wooden box with Jean Verrier’s own signature; About the red and white gingham cloth: this element was accidentally added to the wooden box of the camembert. The story says that a paper broker, bothered by a very large stock of gingham cloth, suggested that they should be used to place the camembert. Over the years they have both become the great symbols of the Le Rustique Brand.
Almost 40 years later, the “savoir-faire” of Jean Verrier has continued and is now used to offer a large range of products in France and abroad, all the Le Rustique products are recognizable thanks to their authentic packaging.
Le Rustique is the authentic taste of France.

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