A slice of history

The Cœur de Lion story started with the creation of a great camembert: balanced and creamy. The camembert Coeur de Lion is made in the heart of Normandy in France, a region known for the quality and the savor of its milk.
Following the success of its camembert, Coeur de Lion created new recipes to please children and adults: brie, coulommiers and specialties like the Coutances cheese. The newest are the camembert and coulommiers with less salt, perfect for daily pleasures!
Coeur de Lion is the second brand of cheeses most savored in France, widely known by consumers for its cheeses synonymous with quality and character.
Coeur de Lion commits to best satisfy its consumers’ expectations, be them lovers of strong or mild cheeses, traditional or modern recipes. Every day, Coeur de Lion’s great cheese makers work with passion to improve the quality of their cheese and develop new inventing and savory recipes.

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